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After Dark...

Post by Goodnight on Tue Dec 22, 2015 2:01 pm

This is not Earth. This is a nightmare version of Earth and the people that live here are monsters. There is so much evil here, and so little good. The Lord has decided that it is time to clean house. He has given power to some, and selected among those that have power. Only those with true and kind hearts will be chosen to serve him. They will be entrusted with the destruction of the gangs and monsters that torment the last few remaining town that desire peace here on Dark Planet...

You may write your own backstory, but there are a few restriction.

1. You must be a superhero of some kind... or someone that is becoming a superhero. My character, for instance, started out as an assassin, but is now working as a hero.

2. You must choose one type of power, and stay true to it. For instance, if you choose fire, you cannot also have ice powers. You can, however, have more than one fire power. Just do not make your hero too OP.

3. Put some serious effort into your profile. Mine is an example of how long yours should be. It does not have to be exactly that length, but use mine as a standard. Use good grammar and punctuation. I don't care if it takes you two days to finish, as long as it is high quality. The more effort you put into it, the more you will enjoy the RP.

My Character-


Minx was born in one of the most harsh and unforgiving worlds in the universe. She was abandoned at birth, and only survived because she was found by slave traders. They raised her and kept her safe and healthy, they only did this because they later intended to sell her. Her strong body, quick mind, and the fact that she had never been with a man made her worth a small fortune. When she was 13 years old, the slavers sold her to a scientist named Doctor Carmine. He was what some might refer to as a "mad scientist" and he experimented regularly on humans. He had spent years developing a serum that would give people great power. The only problem was, it only worked on women. They had to be young and very healthy, as the first three hours of the change were so excruciating that few could survive it.

Doctor Carmine, though he cared nothing for others, wanted a willing subject for the first injection of the completed serum. His reason for not forcing the serum upon Minx was that he did not want her to turn against him as soon as she had the power. He offered her strength and power in exchange for a lifetime of servitude, but Minx was no fool. She said that she would serve him for exactly ten years and not a day more. For those ten years, she would do anything he said, as long as he never asked her to kill children, or to lie with any man. He agreed to these terms, and gave her the serum.

The exact outcome of the experiment was still a mystery. The doctor knew that she would be changed in ways tat would make her powerful, but he did not know how. The procedure was a success in every way except one. During the initial three hours, while the change cause unbearable pain, Minx screamed so violently that she permanently damaged her throat and vocal chords.

The doctor worked quickly and saved her with the use of an improvised mask that would help her to breath properly, but she was never able to speak above a whisper again.

She spent a total of eight years serving the doctor faithfully, though he forced her to do many things that she would not have done otherwise. He died of a heart attack after eight years, thereby releasing her from her commitment to him. She moved on to work as a free agent, refusing to be under the employ of anyone else. Due to her disability, she never again spoke above a whisper; this is why she became know as "The Whisper"...

Highly advanced healing factor.
Slow aging (about 1/6 a normal human)
Extreme agility/reflexes
Slightly enhanced strength
Enhanced sense of hearing/smell
Extreme flexibility
Able to scale sheer faces (walls, cliffs, etc.)
Able to run at speeds up to 35mph and jump up to 20ft high and a distance of 40ft.


  • Minx never removes her mask.

  • Minx sometimes has to wear goggles on bright days, since her enhanced vision can give her migraines.

  • Minx is a kind person, despite being an assassin.

  • Minx HATES to be touched by men. She loves women (not romantically) and tends to cling to them.

  • Minx was not raised like a normal person, and therefore has little understanding of human sensibilities/etiquette.


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